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Our resident teacher Geshe Lobsang Dhönyë is available for the following services (free of charge):


Ablutions (ritual purification)



Prayers for the dying

Post-death prayers/prayers for the deceased

Removal of interferences of the sick

Special puja (ceremony) for general success

Pet blessing

An opportunity to learn about Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism from our experienced translator and course facilitator.

We intend to again run at least two Introduction to Buddhism Courses in 2022 - the format will be subject to the vagaries of Covid 19 - so they may be face to face, zoom or a combination of both! 

Dhargyey Buddhist Centre's popular 12 week Introduction to Buddhism Course runs once a week over 12 weeks on a Monday evening. It is designed to give attendees the opportunity to gain a good overview of the Mahayana Buddhist path. The course content is aimed at people who are new Buddhists, and/or anyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhist philosophy and psychology from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective.  Sessions run from 7pm - 8pm.

We do request that attendees commit to attending the full 12 weeks of the course to enable them to maximise this opportunity.

Late registrations via email: 


There is a good collection of English language books on Buddhism as well as some in Tibetan and Chinese. These are available for borrowing to members of the Centre. The Centre also has a complete Tibetan pecha format set of Buddha’s teachings (the Kangyur) and the Indian commentaries (the Tangyur).  


Our shop

We have a small shop located to the right of the front door in the hallway of the Buddhist Centre. For sale is a variety of books, including books written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We also have various types of incense, candles, prayer flags and other objects. Cash and bank deposit only.

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